New Vienna City Hall in Vienna

Photo of New Vienna City Hall in Vienna, Vienna
Photo of New Vienna City Hall in Vienna, Vienna
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New Vienna City Hall

Neues Rathaus
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This is both the city hall for Vienna, and the seat of the Viennese Provincial Assembly. Its towers climb into the sky in a lacework of stone intricate enough to rival any church, and put any modern government building to shame. The central tower is the tallest at 325 feet. At the top is the Rathausmann, an 11-foot-tall statue of a knight in armor. In front of the city hall is Rathausplatz -- a wide park that separates the building from the Ringstraße. On the other side if the Brugtheater and in-between there are often concerts and other public activities. If you're hungry, and up for a bit of eavesdropping, there's a restaurant in the basement where you can rub elbows with Vienna's politicos.

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